There is a leader in everyone of us…

Each and everyone of us has the capacity to become an inspiring leader. Unfortunately, there is nothing but confusion about what leadership really is..

In many organisations and in numerous households, the presence of a good leader is still defined by the number of people that he or she is leading. Inspiring leadership, however, is never linked to position nor to numbers. Hierarchy doesn’t give you the right to lead, respect does.

The result of positional leadership is devastating. The empowering assets of the company get lost because valuable employees are unable to fully express themselves. Today, the numbers aren’t lying. Many companies go bankrupt, families burst into pieces, the whole economy is only a step away from falling apart and the level of dissatisfaction of the working class has never been so high as it is today. The time has come to evolve to a different form of leadership: the inspiring leadership.


What is inspiring leadership ?


An inspiring leader develops himself first…

An inspiring leader is not just someone who tells you what to do, he does it himself. He lives the principles and the values he wants others to adopt. He walks the talk.


If you’re alone at the top, something is wrong…

It is so easy to run a race and win it on your own. It is a lot more difficult to take your team with you to the top. As a leader, you value your team more than you value winning. As a matter of fact, you know you can never win a battle on your own.


Being a leader is a conscious choice

You can choose to become a leader in every aspect of your life. We tend to overrate the term leadership because we think we are incapable of leading anything. But leadership is a skill that can be learned just like any other skills you have adopted along the way.

  • Aren’t you the leader of your own life ?
  • If you have children, you are also a leader to them
  • Being in a relationship or being married, you are also a leader within that relationship.
  • Etc…

Leadership is a lifestyle you consciously choose for. It is your conscious choice to walk your own talk, to live the principles you teach to others and to help others live by them as well. 


Leadership doesn’t have to be big…

As human being we have unlimited possibilities in becoming an inspiration to others. You don’t have to be a leader of a multinational to make a contribution to other people’s growth and development. It is sufficient to know who you are and how you can help others in making the right choices in life. Leadership is a process, it is a discipline that you practice every day and that allows you to make a difference in other people’s lives.

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