Patrick Poedts

Els is a very strong professional person and personal coach, always willing to realise the desired outcome. In this drive for achievement, Els shows the key psychological skills to motivate people in difficult circumstances, getting the best out of every single person to achieve change process.

Executive coaching @ Power of Change is based on powerful Meta-Coach Training System, where Els created her own unique blend with the strong validity of the Paradoxe Technology by Psychometric tests of the Harrison Suitability Assessment. These are based on a pre-developed strategy and consequently provide better insight into talent management solutions to align people's qualifications, wants, needs, passions and goals to the requirements of the organisation and specific behaviour.

They also provide significant insight that makes the interview more effective, enabling the coach to ask highly revealing questions. And, on top of all, it’s a pleasure working with Els. In the mean time, I had the opportunity to observe Els as my teacher, coach and as well as valuable colleague … Many Respect.